Stirling University Choir Survey

Thank you for your interest in Stirling University Choir. We're always keen to find out from our members, audience, and potential members and audience how we're doing. For this purpose, we would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes (less than five) to provide us some feedback via the following questionnaire.

With regards, Stirling University Choir committee.

  1. What is your relationship with the choir?
    Current member
    Former member
    Family member of choir member
    Friend/colleague of choir member
    Audience member / wider community / potential member
  2. How often do you attend Stirling University choir concerts?
    Every concert (twice a year)
    Once a year
  3. How often do you attend live amateur music concerts by other groups?
    3+ times per year
    1-2 times per year
    Less than once per year
  4. Did you come to our last concert (December 2011)?
    Yes, as audience
    Yes, as singer
  5. If not, why not? [check any which apply]
    Did not know about it
    Forgot about it
    Other committments
    Wasn't interested in the programme
    Too expensive
    Don't enjoy listening to concerts
    Venue wasn't convenient
    Time wasn't convenient
  6. If so, how would you rate our last concert?
    Programme Poor Average Good Excellent
    Duration Too short About right Too long ­
    Quality of performance Poor Average Good Excellent
  7. How did you find out about our last concert? [check any which apply]
    Did not know about it
    Word of mouth
    Paper/magazine advertisement/listings
     Any further details?
  8. What would you like to see more or less of on our programmes?
    "Classical" music (baroque, classical, romantic-era) More No opinion Less
    Mediaeval music More No opinion Less
    Modern/contemporary "classical" music More No opinion Less
    Glee/musicals/theatre More No opinion Less
    Jazz/blues/gospel More No opinion Less
    Folk music More No opinion Less
    Pop/rock music More No opinion Less
    English-language music More No opinion Less
    Foreign-language music More No opinion Less
    Orchestral music More No opinion Less
    Professional soloists More No opinion Less
    Owl-themed music More No opinion Less

    Do you have any specific suggestions for our future concert programmes?
  9. Do you have an opinion on Christian music in the progammes?
    No opinion.
    I think the current balance is fine.
    As an atheist, I would like to see less.
    As a Christian, I would like to see more.
    As a member of another faith, I would like to see less.
    I would like to see more of different faiths.
  10. What would encourage you to come to our concerts more regularly? [check any which apply]
    Change in programme
    Cheaper tickets
    Better advertising
    Interval drinks or snacks
    Change in venue
    I always come to every concert anyway!
  11. Do you have any preference in venue between Dunblane and Stirling?
    No preference.
    Stirling preferred
    Dunblane preferred
  12. It is helpful for us to have an idea of our target audience. Please tell us a little about yourself.

    Are you a student?
    Do you qualify for our concessions tickets? (senior citizens, students)

     Your town of residence.

    Your age:
  13. Do you have any further comments to add?
  14. If you wish to allow yourself to be contacted, please leave your details below.
     Your name
     Your email address
  15. That's everything. Thank you for your input. Please press the submit button below to send us your comments!
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