Pinkmongoose: RISC OS software

Below is the archive of software I have written for the Acorn RISC OS platform. Trio, Wiflat, PPlane and the Iconizer module were originally published in Acorn User magazine.
Below is the archive of software I have written for the Acorn RISC OS platform. Trio, Wiflat, PPlane and the Iconizer module were originally published in Acorn User magazine.
iconBoing Century (Boing VI) is a platform game for the Archimedes/RISC PC. It is quite vast, consisting of 32 levels, divided between 10 worlds, each level taking up about 10 screenfulls. You control Boing, an alien creature trapped in a holographic storage unit containing Earth culture samples. You have to escape from the complex by moving between the levels, collecting and using objects to solve puzzles. Full details of how to play the game, as well as details giving clues on the contents of each level can be found in the !Help file in the !Century directory. Screen shot
iconPâcques Pâques is a PacMan clone for the RISCPC/Archimedes. There's not much more to say really. Screen shot
iconIo Io is a space invaders game for the Acorn Archimedes/RISC PC. There isn't really much more to say about it. There are yummies which give you extra fire power, fuel, shields, lives, smart bombs, and so on. I've never been able to complete it, as it goes on gradually getting more difficult until you would have to be superhuman to be able to play it. I like this because I don't like space invaders games which go on for hours. Screen shot
iconWiflat Wiflat is a puzzle game for the Acorn Archimedes/RISC PC. The game is played on a grid of multicoloured tiles, and you can move a cursor across this grid. You must collect certain tiles by passing the cursor over them, avoiding others, within a specified time limit. This accomplished, you can then progress to the next level. The game is made more complex by the presence of arrow tiles - which you can only pass through in certain directions, colour-coded lock and key tiles, and meanies - in the form of floating eyes. There is a password system that you can use to skip levels. Screen shot
iconTrio Trio is a falling blocks game for the RISC OS desktop. Coloured blocks fall in groups of 3. Form rows, columns and diagonals of like-coloured blocks to remove them and score points. Special blocks too. I've come across various versions of this well known puzzle on different platforms, but I haven't seen one on the RISC OS platform. I would be interested to know if there are any about.
You can play Trio online here.
iconPPlane PPlane is a graph drawing program I wrote a while ago. It draws 'phase plane' diagrams. If you enter in equations for dy/dt and dx/dt, it will plot these on a graph of y v x. You can then click on the graph to 'integrate' and show the path of a point through time. Graphs can be saved as sprite files. Full instructions can be found by reading the !Help file in the application directory after downloading.
iconHanoi Hanoi is a 'Towers of Hanoi' game for the RISC PC/Archimedes. Upon starting Hanoi you are presented with 3 pads, one of which has 7 tiles stacked on it. By clicking on a tile and dragging, you can move it to another pad. You are only allowed to move the top tile of any pile, and it's destination must not contain a tile smaller than the one you are dragging. Only one tile may be dragged at once. The purpose of this game is to move the complete tower of tiles from it's starting pad to either of the other pads. Either will do. The number of tiles in the game may be varied. The fewer tiles, the easier the game. Nine is the maximum. There is a mathematical rule which determines how many moves are needed to complete the game, and a strategy can be calculated to do this. I won't tell you the strategy, but the minimum number of turns needed is: (2^N)-1, where N is the number of tiles. So for 7 tiles, you need 127 turns.
iconModules A collection of modules. Iconizer allows you to iconize windows by clicking a window's back icon with adjust. Clochette is a minimalist clock, which runs as a desktop task. Swapper reverses the effect of the left and right mouse buttons - for left handed people.